The time has finally come to get your bike out of the storage room and make all the arrangements for the first tour of the year. Whether gravel, trail or travel, with ground-breaking collections for every discipline and a revolution in cycling inner pants, with Schöffel you are perfectly prepared for the best of all bike seasons and finally ready to saddle up again!


Experience precious breaks from everyday life without compromising in terms of style and function – easy with the support of the Outleisure collection by Schöffel. The broad range allows outdoor enthusiasts to wear their passion stylishly and functionally away from the mountains as well. Outleisure offers valuable details that every explorer seeking Ich bin raus moments will appreciate.

Hiking Active

Enjoy the beauty of nature away from the crowded hiking trails, whatever the weather. The Hiking Active collection by Schöffel was designed for just this purpose. It offers technical and multifunctional hiking outfits that will have you looking forward to the next challenge on the mountain – whether cool refreshing moments at the top or on a hot summer hike.


The Mountaineering collection, in which every product detail is designed for athletic alpine sports, embodies the passion of mountaineers. The collection features technically impressive clothing - both rugged and extra-light - to meet all your needs.

Schöffel ZipIn!

The convertible all-year-round solution.

Ski Style / Premium

Exclusivity coupled with innovation and maximum functionality: the Schöffel collections Ski Premium for men and Ski Style for women include elegant outfits for passionate skiers with an extra touch of technology. Enjoy maximum comfort with no compromises on and off the slopes.

Ski Touring

Ideal for mixing and matching, it fulfills any requirement to suit your performance level or the weather. Making the ascent and descent your perfect skiing experience.

High quality functional clothing

Our functional clothing accompanies you during outdoor activities, sports and in everyday life.

Technology & Material Science

Discover our high-quality technologies and get an overview of our materials.