Functional Clothing

Waterproof, Windproof, comfortable

Our functional clothing accompanies you in your outdoor activities, in sports and in everyday life. Maximum functionality with highest wearing comfort.

When its all about Outdoor jackets, Schöffel is the absolute pro. What our experts achieved in this field over the last decades is something the other manufacturers can’t copy easily. For this reason many Outdoor pros placed their bets on Schöffel for Outdoor jackets and in part also actively participate in development of our jackets. Naturally you can also benefit of this – after all this ensures our Outdoor jackets shine season for season with new and exciting innovations and even higher comfort.

The right materials for trekking jackets

In our comprehensive range you find Outdoor jackets for most diverse applications and requirements. All Schöffel Outdoor jackets have in common, that they are only made of the best materials, such as Venturi or GORE-TEX® Performance Shell® which are absolutely water and windproof, breathable, easy-care and highly durable. And as matter of course, we always pay attention to outstanding workmanship. This guarantees that Outdoor jackets don't flake out in difficult weather – Outdoor jackets by Schöffel won't ever let you down.

Outdoor Jackets – Schöffel has a perfect model for everyone.

For most people nowadays the double jacket is almost synonymous to Outdoor jacket and can be found in many closets. Not really surprising. After all, the double jacket is the functional miracle among the Outdoor jackets. Even for beginners it is first choice as it sports as all-in-one both a weather proof overjacket with zippered-in Fleece or quilted underjacket which also can be worn solo. A good double jacket thus lays the foundations for your Outdoor wardrobe! Already wanting more by Schöffel? Besides classic touring jackets we offer many other Outdoor jackets, for example snappy down and quilt jackets, which are not only convincing in function but also by their stylish look: Just drop by at our Online Shop!

When it's all about trekking it's indispensable: the rain coat. Especially in the mountains, where the weather can shift from one minute to the other, you can be soaked without in a matter of seconds. And also for daily life a rain coat by Schöffel is always a worthwhile investment. In contrast to the classic jackets or coats it wont soak through even after longer stay in the rain – ideal when your on the way with your bicycle. Waterproof jackets by Schöffel are available in many beautiful colors and styles - from classically decent up to jazzy and bright. By this you lend color to quite some gray days.

Waterproof due to the special material

What is most important for rain coats? Naturally the material, as for all functional and rain clothing. Or, to be more precise: the water column of the material. For a rain coat, the water column is the crucial aspect for waterproofness. In accordance to European norms fabrics exceeding 800 mm water column are considered water proof (Class 2) and exceeding 1.300 mm water proof (Class 3).

Especially for a rain coat this is a case for Venturi, an extremely powerful laminate, which we at Schöffel developed. Venturi has a water column of 10,000 mm – in such a rain coat you'll not get stuck in the rain, even in strong rainfall. Water always finds its way, so much to the well-known idiom – but not at Schöffel: It is understood that our waterproof jackets are well fused at the seams and also the zippers are sealed.

Details, die Schöffel Regenmäntel & -jacken auszeichnen

Besides that, a rain coat by Schöffel offers everything making life in rain easy: 

An attached hood - protecting but not distracting,
simple and fast to handle zippers,
easily accessible pockets, which keep your things dry, and much more!

A functional jacket shouldn't miss in your luggage when it's up to hiking or traveling. Also Outdoor pants enjoy steadily increasing popularity. Even though for rather long time they were only on the lists of trekking fans, many have discovered the advantages of Outdoor pants for themselves - and not only for the mountains but in general also for vacation or leisure. Finally Outdoor pants offer high wearing comfort and when compared to common pants also many functions making life on the move easier. We at Schöffel have developed highly functional Outdoor pants for the most diverse use: Our Online Shop therefore has something to discover for the ultimate professional as well as Sunday wanderers.

Outdoor pants by Schöffel – the perfect choice in summer or winter

A real classic among the Outdoor pants are the functional trekking or touring pants. Made of water repellent, elastic, breathable fabric and usually the legs can be rolled up, fixed or completely detached by zipper. Nowadays further ventilation methods as well as UV protection are standard for Outdoor pants, also convenient pockets which keep everything quickly at hand if necessary. The comfortable wear of modern Outdoor pants is ensured with a sophisticated cut, shaped knees and elastic waistband - even under full physical exertion they never become uncomfortable. All in all Outdoor pants as opposed to Jeans & Co. are always a choice you will not regret – no matter if planning a long tour or a trip where you will be on your feet a lot.

For the sports aficionado seeking adventure in the wintertime or enjoying a high-altitude alpine tour on the glacier, naturally, the padded Thermo Outdoor pants by Schöffel are first choice. Warming and at the same time water and wind proof fabric ensures excellent protection and high comfort while granting a high degree of freedom of movement – also perfectly suited for skiing tours: now online at Schöffel!

A garment for every day and every weather - is there such a thing?

The answer is Everywear by Schöffel. These jackets made of functional two-ply Venturi can be your steady companion - on 365 days, while biking, hiking or on vacation trips, while walking the dog or on the golfing range.

The clou: With Everywear you pocket any weather. The jacket disappears into its own inner pocket and reduces itself to the smallest possible packing size. Always at hand because it is slim and inconspicuous when not brought to wear. And ready for use when needed: Wind and water proof but still doesn't make the wearer work up a sweat.

The name “Everywear” speaks for itself, guaranteeing 100% independence. The collection is now larger, featuring even more jackets and a host of versatile accessories. The ZipIn! concept promises flexibility, also in the summer.

In the Outdoor segment functional jackets are a frequently purchased garment. And that for good reasons: Schöffel functional jackets accompany you throughout the whole year, if necessary. During the summer time you can take them with you and quickly don them, if the weather changes. During winter you wear your functional jacket with fleece insert as warming layer.
At Schöffel you can find the newest developments of high-performance capable functional jackets for any season. These are comfortable to wear, easy to clean and convince by high quality and state-of-the-art design, cool colors as well as special cuts for Ladies and Men.

The right sports jacket for every outdoor activity

But whom is such a convenient functional jacket actually intended for? A functional jacket - e.g. touring or trekking jacket, counts to the obligatory equipment for mountaineers and hikers, because in the mountains you never now how the weather might be: The blazing sun can suddenly disappear and yield to cold weather. High-quality functional jackets not only protect from wind and weather, they are also breathable and fit any backpack!

Since several years now, besides mountaineers, hikers and winter sport enthusiasts, more and more mountain bikers, runners and other sportsmen/-women are picking up on functional jackets. For this reason we have developed a multitude of functional jackets for any sport, any requirement and any weather. For endurance sports for example, they ensure well regulated temperature balance of the body.

But functional jackets are gaining fans far beyond sports. Everyone enjoying being outdoors is well advised with functional jackets by Schöffel. Thanks to their high level of comfort, rain protection and beautiful designs you don't want to be without on in every day life, too.

State-of-the-art functionality for your protection

Thanks to newly developed materials no wishes remain unfulfilled: The Schöffel Online Shop offers functional jackets for any demand. Due to special construction of different high-tech materials (e.g. Windstopper or Polartec) these functional jackets can offer a lot. Special membranes such as Gore Tex or our own development „Venturi“, different methods of processing (e.g. 2-, 3-layers or Softshell) as well as modern design and useful details for every jacket make functional jackets indispensable companions.

On days where the classic Outdoor jacket would be too much of a good thing but the shirt simply isn't enough ... then it's the turn for the Softshell Jacket. Nearly no other textile material could perform such a triumphant march throughout the recent years as this laminate with its fluffy effect or fleece inside. Soft and comfortable to wear, Softshell sports a wind proof membrane and top layer with good water-repellent characteristics. With these qualities a softshell jacket can easily face Windchill effect and light rainfall. You still won't break a sweat – the membrane is permeable for water vapor, Softshell is therefore breathable.

Just like the fleece jacket by Schöffel the Softshell jacket fills in the middle of the ideal clothing layers when you are on the road. As long as it stays dry or only even rains lightly, with the Softshell jacket don't need a water repellent third layer. Not only this saves space in the backpack, it also in general brings more lightness and freedom of movement both while hiking as well as many other Outdoor activities.

Versatile in application. With high wearing comfort - Softshell jackets by Schöffel

The numerous possibilities have given Soft Shell jacket in full right many fans. If walking, running, biking or golfing: The Softshell jacket is always in the game and caters pleasing and feather-weight wearing comfort. In our Schöffel Online Shop you can find the Softshell jacket exactly meeting your requirements. Be is especially elastic or extra weatherproof, Softshell jackets by Schöffel always bring along a lot of additional functionality – starting with the two-way zipper to convenient pockets up to the hood. Whatever you decide for: With a Softshell jacket by Schöffel you always take a good choice for you Outdoor sports!

Even with most beautiful weather in the mountains, when walking or biking it can be really cold. Often it is the wind giving us the chills, even in the sunshine. For exactly this reason a good windbreaker always belongs into your pack, when its off to hiking. Certainly every good Outdoor jacket is windproof. But quite a few are quite a load – so why not place your bets on a light-weight windbreaker? Modern, lightweight and windproof jackets, like our innovative models by Schöffel captivate by high-quality materials, which perfectly protect you from wind as well as light rain and snow, are breathable and fit into even the smallest backpack.

Windbreaker with WINDSTOPPER® and Venturi – perfect protection!

The trick? Soft Shell! Into this multi-functional laminate with the soft inside a windproof membrane can be included without any difficulty. Underneath the weatherproof outer fabric it additionally protects against the wind. We at Schöffel use either WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell or our own development Venturi Soft Shell for our windbreakers. Both materials combine the highest level of function with pleasant wearing comfort – because when it gets cold, nothing is more snuggly warm as a windbreaker made for Soft Shell, offering the maximum freedom of movement with its high elasticity.

Extra leichte Jacken dank WINDSTOPPER® Active Shell

And, when even more light'n'small is what you need, a WINDSTOPPER® Active Shell windbreaker by Schöffel is the perfect choice. Windproof jackets of this material can be packed even smaller and are really light as a feather – you can always find a crack. Find your lightweight and warm windbreaker by Schöffel - easy and simple!

And now new: the Schöffel Everywear Superlite jackets

Eine Hand voll Windschutz. Eine Everywear Superlite Jacke ist so leicht wie ein Apfel und geht dennoch mit dir durch dick und dünn. Die winddichten und klein verpackbaren Windbreaker Jackets sind unverzichtbare Begleiter für alle, die gern raus gehen.

VENTLOFT® by PrimaLoft® clothing – exclusively available from Schöffel – features an high-performance insulation padding that guarantees optimum warmth and compression properties. Therefore it´s especially combined with pack-away clothing.

With three-dimensional hollow fibers VENTLOFT® by PrimaLoft® combines high warming capabilities with low weight.
VENTLOFT® by PrimaLoft® lets body moisture pass outside leaving the body dry and warm.
VENTLOFT® by PrimaLoft® is quick-drying (20% faster than comparable insulating textiles) and the best: the warming capabilities remain intact.


Low weight/lightness
High warming capacity
Small and easy to transport
Large selection of colors
Ideal for daily use

Extra investment into an Outdoor shirt? Is it worth it? Actually it looks like a normal, sportive shirt – but after first wear during hiking or daily life many men don't ever again want to miss an Outdoor shirt by Schöffel. The reason: An Outdoor shirt by Schöffel has many convenient functions which make life easier.

For nearly all Outdoor shirts by Schöffel a standard: MTS equipment. The Moisture Transport System is an enhanced textile, drawing moisture to the outside with lightning-speed and by this ensures for continuously dry skin, even if the wearer of the Outdoor shirt perspired strongly, took an unintentional bath or became victim of a sudden shower. Also in the package are UVA/UVB protection – even if the sun beats down in a Schöffel Outdoor shirt you're perfectly protected. Above that, Outdoor shirts by Schöffel bring along many additional and convenient details beginning with useful breast pockets up to roll up sleeves which are quickly and easily shortened with button and strap. Light-weight as an Outdoor shirt by Schöffel is, it will not weigh heavily or become a burden in your backpack even on longer trekking tours and ensures a neat appearance even in the most far-flung chalet.

Outdoor shirts by Schöffel — simply uncomplicated!

Besides many functions an Outdoor shirts by Schöffel offer another advantage: it is easy to clean. Washed in almost no time it dries nearly as fast. And still the Outdoor shirt can, when talking about appearance, easily take up the match with every sportive and smart shirt. Our Schöffel models are available in different colorful checkered designs, which almost always lift your spirits. Thanks to the rounded hem you can wear our Outdoor shirts casually and comfortably over your pants, when tucked into the pants it is also for slightly more formal events never out of place. Order your Outdoor shirt from Schöffel online!

Certainly T-Shirt, Polo and checkered shirts of cotton are absolute classics – but who ever wore one during an exhausting tour or while jogging knows exactly: soon it will stick to the body soaking wet and simply wont dry. With functional shirts by Schöffel that will not happen to you - that is certain. The cut is similar to the cotton cousins - regardless if long or short arms. But concerning materials and functionality it beats a normal shirt hands down, though. So, why don't you switch over to an Outdoor Shirt by Schöffel? – You will not want to miss it while hiking or during sports!


A functional shirt by Schöffel is made only of innovative materials such as Meryl® actisystem. The wearing feel almost can't be discerned from cotton and it is comfortably soft, light-weight and durable as well as easy to clean. In contrast to cotton, though, the moisture transport is much better. That makes it dry in nearly no time – perfect for exhausting and sweaty activities. A functional shirt therefore is also perfectly suitable as lowest clothing layer, which rapidly draws moisture away from the body. In addition many functional shirts are equipped with Meryl®Skinlife which neutralizes smells with anti-bacterial silver ions.

A functional shirt in characteristic polo shirt or shirt style made by Schöffel is always equipped with MTS (Moisture Transport System) and usually with anti-smell function and UV protection. This keeps you nice and dry even when its hot, you don't have to fear smell of sweat and are protected against the sun. On the outside almost not discernible from a common shirt, these shirts are not only perfect for trekking, bus also on travel or hot days a functional and smart alternative to the classical polo or shirt.

Alle Vorteile der Schöffel Funktionsshirts im Überblick:
Weich, leicht und strapazierfähig
Sehr guter Feuchtigkeitstransport
Antismell-Funktion und UV-Schutz

Shop Functional Shirt

Im Schöffel Online Shop findest du eine große Auswahl an Funktionsshirts für Damen und Herren. Lass dich von der hohen Qualität und dem angenehmen Tragekomfort überzeugen und bestelle dein neues Funktionsshirt bei Schöffel. Dank der hochwertigen Verarbeitung wirst du lange Freude daran haben. Und wenn dir zum vollständigen Outdoor-Outfit noch eine Fleecejacke, Softshelljacke oder eine Outdoorhose fehlt, wirst du auch bei uns fündig.

Is the usual design of functional clothing to bland and function oriented for your taste? Then you are right on the spot at Schöffel! In our Online Shop you can have both: Functional clothing convince not only while trekking, but also in daily life with convincing appearance.

The polo shirt ever since combines sportiveness with an air of elegance. The experts at Schöffel have made use of this and improved upon the Polo shirt with their vase know-how of functional clothing – this resulted in fascinating Polo shirts for ladies and men, which can offer quite a bit more in function besides a sportive and trendy design.

Polo shirts by Schöffel – breathable and quick-drying

Typical polo shirts by Schöffel are always equipped with MTS – the Moisture Transport System ensures good moisture transport from the body and thus also rapid drying of your polo shirts even on really sweat-breaking tours. Sweat-laden clothing on the move is not only uncomfortable but can quickly result in catching a chill, even in hot weather. Due to the excellent moisture transport a polo shirt by Schöffel is a good choice in daily life, especially on hot days.

Where there is sweat, there are smells – and also for this problem Schöffel took precautions and additionally added Antismell equipment to their polo shirts. If, for example, you take longer tours, the opportunity for washing are often scarce – and the smell of clothing doesn't get better in the backpack, either. Antismell prevents odors from sinking in by special, sweat-binding molecules. The formulation remains markedly friendly to the skin and also survives every wash cycle.

Additional advantage of polo shirts by Schöffel: They are especially light-weight and sport a low packing size – with such featherweights you can pack a few more into your backpack before going on your big tour or on vacation! Order your convenient polo shirt online from Schöffel!

Schöffel Poloshirt und Polohemd online kaufen

Bestelle jetzt Dein neues Poloshirt oder Polohemd online im Schöffel Shop und profitiere von unseren fairen Konditionen: Kostenfreie Retoure, schnelle Lieferung und eine große Auswahl an Poloshits und Polohemden.

The era of skiing overalls are long past. Today you wear skiing pants and matching skiing jackets on the slope - the same material, but not necessarily the same color! Skiing jackets by Schöffel are made of soft Venturi, a highly functional membrane created by Schöffel specifically to meet the high demands of good skiing jackets.

Skiing jackets by Schöffel are highly versatile – even after the jamboree on the piste, for example as warm jacket when going out in the evening. That helps you save space in your luggage and keeps you in sportive appearance and style at all times.

Many technical advantages making the jacket by Schöffel so convincing!

Skiing jackets by Schöffel convince in their numerous functional details. They have a padded hood for cold weather which you can detach if required. The two-ply Venturi Stretch material of your skiing jacket is elastic and with pleasant haptic. Above that our skiing jackets are also windproof and waterproof so the weather can't spoil your skiing fun.

And exceptionally cold days call for the padded skiing jackets by Schöffel – if icy winds really blast while you are skiing. Thanks to the integrated RECCO system you can be located in case – though unlikely - you are buried under snow. Wrist cuffs in the sleeves warm perfectly should you have to remove your gloves.

Which pants to the skiing jacket? Fun by combination with Schöffel!

For each skiing jacket by Schöffel you can find matching pants by Schöffel. The respective top and bottom parts are unobtrusive and sportive and can be perfectly combined among each other. For example, our multi-color ladies jackets match perfectly to one-color pants in contrasting color. Our frugal black Basic- jackets are very nice in combination with skiing pants in lively colors.

Are you already in the starting blocks for the coming skiing season? Is the skiing jacket already on hand? Then this only leaves skiing pants missing − at Schöffel there’s the matching model to each jacket. For ladies or men, for beginners or pros, our Online Shop certainly has the skiing pants available making your piste perfect!

Schöffel is especially innovative when it comes to ski-wear. For a long time already you can combine skiing jacket and skiing pants to just perfectly meet your requirements and personal taste - and always get the highest degree of function and design on top. The materials used are selected according to a strict catalog of criteria or developed by our house-internal experts – such as the high-performance laminate Venturi, which we use for many of our skiing pants.

Schöffel ski and winter trousers convince down to the last detail

Venturi, just like GORE-TEX® Performance Shell® which we also frequently use, is waterproof and windproof thanks to the closed membrane. But still you won't break a sweat: Venturi is also permeable for water vapor. Additionally it convinces by pleasant wearing comfort, especially when the elastic Venturi Stretch finds application. In skiing pants by Schöffel you'll be skiing pleasantly warm and with comfortable fit , even if it gets really cold on the mountain or you prefer an especially sporting skiing style.

Above that, skiing pants by Schöffel convince with many more extras. „Off-the-shelf“ at Schöffel are - for example - a comfortable and adjustable waistline, shaped knee, snow guards and many convenient pockets. And the RECCO®-System often integrated into skiing pants by Schöffel can save lives in the event of an avalanche – an indispensible accessory! Your new skiing pants are available online easily and conveniently from Schöffel!