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The wind blows through your hair, the bike glides over wide cycle paths and you feel the freedom - multi-day bike tours are the greatest thing for enthusiastic cyclists! So that you can enjoy your bike trip or bike tour completely free from thoughts about your clothes, Schöffel provides you with the perfect clothing for your I'm out adventure!

Pack your saddlebags and off you go - with the new Bike Travel collection from Schöffel!

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Lightweight and functional with cycling tour clothing from Schöffel

Preparation is everything if you are planning to go on a longer bike tour or even a bike trip. Whether you're heading to warm countries or dizzying heights - the right bike touring clothing is essential. Our collection is adapted to the requirements of long bike tours and offers you:

  • Comfort: The longer your tour lasts, the more important it is that your clothing fits well and is comfortable so that there is no chafing or even injuries. Schöffel cycling clothing is made to a high standard so that no seam scratches or zipper jams.
  • Freedom of movement: For a comfortable ride, it is very important that your range of movement is not restricted. With 4-way stretch and options for individual adjustment, Schöffel offers you maximum freedom of movement.
  • Layering: The weather can always change on your trip - unpredictably, depending on the region. That's why our collection includes lightweight tops and shirts as well as warming garments that allow you to adapt your outfit to the weather.
  • Lightweight: Even if you take different items of clothing with you on your tour, you can keep the weight of your luggage down with Schöffel bike tour clothing. All items of clothing are lightweight and can be stowed away to save space.

2.5 L Jacket Tarvis: Bike jacket for all weathers

No trip is complete without the right jacket - which is why we have developed the 2.5 L Jacket Tarvis L for women and the 2.5 L Jacket Tarvis M for men. It has been developed with our in-house VENTURI material technology to ensure maximum performance in any weather. The VENTURI membrane is non-porous, so the jacket effectively repels wind and water. The adjustable hood also helps to ensure that you are fully protected from the rain.

On the outside, the 2.5 L Jacket Tarvis protects you from the wet, while high breathability and moisture transport ensure a pleasant climate inside the jacket. This prevents heat build-up and your jacket won't make you sweat too much.

The 2-way stretch and individually adjustable cuffs ensure freedom of movement with the bike jacket, allowing you to determine the ideal fit yourself. The jacket has an integrated pack-away pocket so that you can stow it away to save space. This means the jacket takes up little space in your bike bag or rucksack when you're not wearing it.

Pianosa blouse and shirt: stylish on the bike

Cycling clothing doesn't have to be boring! With the casual checked shirts Blouse Pianosa L for women and Shirt Pianosa M for men from Schöffel, you'll cut a fine figure both on and off the bike. The shirt stands out visually with its appealing colors, a breast pocket and a button placket. The shirt naturally offers you extra comfort: thanks to the 2-way stretch, it is comfortable, pleasant on the skin and offers optimum freedom of movement. It is also breathable and quick-drying.

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