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Schöffel Skin Pants are our answer to the many demands placed on bike pants. With the help of our 4D BODY MAPPING technology, we have developed bike shorts that are optimally adapted to the anatomy of your body. Both the material of the Skin Pants and the thickness of the padding are designed so that you sit comfortably in the saddle. So your next tour is sure to be a success and you no longer have to worry about sore spots.

Bike shorts for winter and summer

Are you looking for the perfect bike shorts for the whole year? Then the Skin Pants 2h, Skin Pants 4h and Skin Pants 8h as well as the Skin Pants Warm 4h for men and women are the perfect choice. While the former are suitable for short tours, you can tackle medium tours with the Skin Pants 4h. The Skin Pants 8h are the perfect choice for day tours. With the Skin Pants Warm 4h, we have designed cycling pants for the winter, with which you can start your tour warm and comfortable.

We pay attention to this so that you can enjoy comfortable cycling tours:

  • Padding: Our padding protects you from pressure points and friction between the body and the bike saddle, which reduces the risk of chafing and chafing. It also absorbs shocks and vibrations that occur during the ride, reducing the feeling of fatigue in the seat area.
  • Fit: The fit of the cycling pants is important to ensure freedom of movement and avoid skin irritation. Schöffel Skin Pants fit tightly enough to prevent flapping or slipping, while offering you enough flexibility to allow natural movement when pedaling.
  • Breathability: Schöffel Skin Pants are made from breathable materials to wick sweat and moisture away from the skin. This ensures that your skin stays dry and your body temperature is regulated, which in turn reduces the risk of skin irritation and rashes.
  • Hygiene: We treat the outer material of the Skin Pants with silver nitrate. This reduces the proliferation of bacteria and makes the cycling pants a hygienic choice.
For maximum comfort

Skin-Hose 2h, Skin-Hose 4h und Skin-Hose 8h

Almost everyone knows it: you're sitting in the saddle, the bike trail is calling and you're pedaling hard. But after a short time your crotch starts to pinch, you constantly have to adjust your cycling shorts and the saddle feels uncomfortable. With the Schöffel Skin Pants, these moments are a thing of the past! Our cycling pants are equipped with 4-way stretch so that they offer maximum freedom of movement. The padding made from 3-dimensional ECO X-Fifty material and Hybrid Cell System does the rest to give you a comfortable fit. Thanks to high moisture transport and the quick-drying material, sweating is no problem with the Skin Pants. As you don't wear underwear under our cycling shorts, they are treated with silver nitrate, which reduces the growth of bacteria within the fabric for up to 20 washes.

Lange Rad-Winterhosen

Skin Pants Warm 4h

The Skin Pants Warm 4h L for women and the Skin Pants Warm 4h M for men are long pants that allow you to cut a fine figure on your bike in winter while offering you maximum comfort. Low temperatures, cold wind: with the winter cycling pants for men and women, you are optimally equipped with full freedom of movement on your bike, even in cold weather.

The 6-panel construction ensures an excellent fit, while the 3D thermoformed seat pad provides comfort in the saddle with optimum pressure distribution. The Skin Pants Warm 4h have an elastic waistband and zippers at the ankles for a good fit and easy donning and doffing. Despite the warming material, the cycling pants are also breathable, so you can set off on strenuous tours in the mountains at low temperatures without any worries.

Bib shorts from Schöffel

If bib shorts appeal to you more than classic cycling shorts, Schöffel also offers bike shorts that will make your heart beat faster. The Skin Pants Bib 8h L for women and Skin Pants Bib 8h M for men are bike shorts with straps that cannot slip thanks to the ergonomically shaped bib. They are also the perfect option if the waistband of conventional shorts bothers you. The high-cut back of the bib shorts with integrated back pocket also protects your kidneys from the cold and draughts, while providing space for a spare jersey.

Skin Pants: cycling pants from your outdoor expert Schöffel

Breathability, the perfect fit and sometimes even warming properties - all these elements are combined in the Skin Pants to offer you an incomparable experience on the bike. Whether you're planning an extended tour in summer or your next I'm out adventure on the bike in winter, our cycling pants are designed to accompany you in every season. We understand that comfort and performance shouldn't be limited to certain weather conditions. Kit yourself out with Skin Pants for your next bike ride now!

On a bike adventure with Schöffel